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Skipping is a puzzle game inspires from stone skipping(or ducks and drakes)!

Skip your stone into the targets and trigger the launchers with the circular rings, just swipe to the right direction with precise calculation!

Last, and perhaps most important, create your own puzzle and share it with your friends! :-)


- Launcher, Reflector, Changer and Target

- Creation mode and Share

- 60 + 1 levels

- No Ads

- No IAP(In-App Purchase) 

- No Gamecenter


- Swipe

to throw stone

- Tap                

to enter next level quickly, if all targets been hit

- Double tap

to show the rules, skip the levels and tap the title to enter the creation mode


- At least one target needed to finish the puzzle and pass your puzzle to share it.

- Overlap is permitted but not recommended in sharing.

- Restraint in use of launcher in creation mode.

- If you like Skipping, please rate and tell me how to make it better!



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